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Professor SZE MAY NG




  A Journey With Brendan

                      Life with a child with autism, by a mother and paediatrician



Book Description

     This inspiring memoir took Professor May Ng 10 years to write and it describes her journey with Brendan through the wilderness of diagnosis, treatment, advice and the continuing battle for support and awareness that every parent of a child with autism has to navigate. Her account includes the most valuable of what she has learned along the way as a mother and in over 2 decades working in the NHS as a specialist paediatrician and academic researcher.

Today 1 in 60 children are believed to be on the autism spectrum. There is a 24 to 36 month wait under the NHS for diagnosis and many families are simply lost and desperate for help, advice and reassurance. May Ng’s book fills that gap. Through  her knowledge both as an award-winning paediatric consultant and as the mother of a 13 year-old son with autism, May has documented her own tough journey to help countless parents with children on the  autistic spectrum. There is no other book like this –that brings it all together under one umbrella; that not only gives a first-hand account  of bringing up a child with autism but that brings together the wide  range of available resources and practical advice to help families  cope. Over the years, while  managing a full-time career and two other children, May researched,  tried and documented almost every therapy available for autism- public and private, new and old, mainstream and alternative. May worked painstakingly, with persistence and patience, to teach Brendan to manage many basic life skills for himself. It was incredibly hard, but the long, arduous years of working to help Brendan speak, to be toilet trained, to get him into the right school and to access and develop his potential were worthwhile. Today, Brendan is a happy 16 year-old in an autism school and is able to do many things they once believed might not be possible.


"This inspiring, highly readable book by a parent who is also a doctor and a scientist is full of useful tips for other parents of a child with autism." Professor Sir Simon Baron-Cohen, Director of Autism Research Centre, Cambridge University.

“A mother’s absorbing story of her son with autism is given perspective by her paediatric experience and medical knowledge. Dr May Ng’s book will help many other affected families and also engage autism professionals.”

Dame Stephanie Shirley CH DBE, entrepreneur and philantropist (whose late son had autism)

“Dr May Ng’s account of her journey as an autism mum is honest, intelligent, helpful, real-world and illuminating.” David Mitchell, bestselling author of The Reason I Jump and Fall Down Seven Times Get Up Eight.

"Dr May Ng has written a must-read, full of information from her medical and personal experience describing her journey into the perilous world of parenting a child with autism" Emeritus Professor Michael Weindling, University of Liverpool

"This is a highly practical account of the difficulties faced with raising a child with autism. Despite being a paediatrician, Dr May Ng’s account contains the struggles and unexpected challenges encountered in parenting; her practical advice will help others’ journey through what often feels like a complex and disorientating maze" Dr David Evans MBE, Vice President, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

“I wish I had a book like this when my son Alex was diagnosed with autism at 3 years old. As a doctor and mother living and breathing life with autism, Dr May Ng’s book has such valuable advice and is a wealth of information for all families living with autism” Christine Green, mother and former National Autistic Society Early Bird Programme Trainer

“Dr May Ng is positively masterful in sharing her personal story living with autism from the perspective of a parent and a medical expert. Being privileged to be Headteacher of Abbot’s Lea School and working with Brendan, I can certainly confirm that the key pieces of practical advice offered to other parents are priceless in supporting children with autism to live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives.” Ania Hildrey, Headteacher of Abbot’s Lea School, Liverpool (Specialist School for Children on the Autism Spectrum)

“An incredible account by an outstanding mother, researcher paediatrician. The book is a gold-mine for parents and families living with autism” Dr Udi Mahamithawa, Consultant Community Paediatrician and Autism Specialist, Lancashire

“This inspirational book is so easy to read and highly informative. Dr May Ng documents her personal story with autism and includes advice and information based on her experience as well as on her research and medical knowledge. Whether you are a parent, carer, teacher, SENCO, relative or a friend of someone with autism, this book will certainly help you appreciate, understand and cope” Anna Kennedy OBE, mother of 2 boys with autism and autism campaigner

  Fundraising for Autism

May and family as long term members of the National Autistic Society has successfully raised funds over £90,000 to promote autism awareness.

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ePub: 9781782341536 - £6.49

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